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Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center 

Home to Simply 3-Day and Dressage Santa Fe, Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center is both an exceptional boarding facility and an international center for Positive Reinforcement Training for horses and riders. With a total of 40 stalls in two barns, well-designed turn-out facilities and a variety of indoor and outdoor options for multiple disciplines, we focus on our horses’ natural needs for movement and enrichment.


N2 Saddlery 

This is Gilly’s favorite saddle! Graham and Sue are absolute experts in finding the perfect saddle for you and your horse!

N2 Saddlery offers custom-fitted dressage saddles designed for a perfect fit to your horse. Our saddles are made of the finest British-sourced materials by our Certified Master Saddlers in the United Kingdom. We invite you to make an appointment to ride in our   saddles and feel the difference.

Our service is second to none. N2 Saddles are sold where we can make routine visits to you and your horse. We know that horses change and grow, requiring service to your saddle. As dressage riders ourselves, we understand the importance of a proper saddle fit. We offer different saddle models with variations that meet the needs of you and your horse. Following our assessment of your horse’s conformation, we will determine which saddles/tree shape will best suit your horse. Next, we’ll put you in the saddle to ride and help evaluate what is best for you.

Contact your N2 Saddlery Certified Professional Fitter today for your riding appointment so you can feel the difference an N2 Saddle will make to you and your horse!


Central Arizona Riding Academy

centralAZCARA is where it all began for Gilly. CARA’s philosophy is to provide quality equestrian experience by assuring the highest professional training, positive motivation and reinforcement in a friendly safe environment. They believe that a quality sport program can enrich a person’s life experience and is an excellent means of building strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence




National Organizations

United Stated Eventing Association (USEA)

United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)

United State Dressage Federation (USDF)

Unites Stated Pony Club

Local Organizations

New Mexico Dressage Association (NMDA)

New Mexico Hunter Jumper Association (NMHJA)

Watermelon Mountain Pony Club

Las Cruces Horse Trails


shoppingShopping for Horse and Rider

Dover Saddlery

Smart Pack Equine

Bit of Britain

Dressage Extensions

Desert Wind Saddlery

Simple Change Browbands

Point Two USA

Treehouse Sporting Colours


Recommended Local Veterinarians and Farriers


Dr. Berkley Chesen, DVM 505-259-9802
Dr. Andy Cameron, DVM 505-466-1540

Dr. Stuart McCall, DVM 505-470-7266

Dr. Mike Callahan, DVM 505-757-6808


Duane Flegel 505-660-7458

Robert Holt 505-470-2146


Show Photographers

Cristy Cumberworth Equine Photography

Captured Moments Photography

Jim Stoner Photography



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